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Features by David:

I wrote a piece for the New Statesman, scrutinising the UK government’s move to establish employment as a ‘health outcome’.

I wrote a piece for The Guardian, suggesting that there is nothing inevitable about the idea that automated technologies will deliver society a life of leisure.

You can watch a video of my talk, ‘Enforcing the Work Ethic’, from the Antiuniversity Now festival in London.

When Autonomy launched in 2017, its founders asked me some key questions about the crisis and future of work.  My responses are here, here, here and here.

I spoke to Luke Mergner from Contrivers’ Review, who asked some very thoughtful questions on the philosophy of work critique.

I wrote a feature for ROAR! Magazine, entitled ‘Towards a Post-Work Society’, which featured in their special issue on the future of work.

I wrote a review essay of James Chamberlain’s excellent book, ‘Undoing Work, Rethinking Community’, for Autonomy.

Articles about David:

The Guardian chose my first book, The Refusal of Work, as a must read, in their feature on ‘Capitalism Under the Spotlight’.

John Danaher wrote a very thoughtful feature for the New Rambler, exploring my writing in relation to the themes of work and shame.  I loved the reference to the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Myself and other affiliates of Autonomy contributed to a Guardian long-read on ‘Post-Work – The Radical Idea of a World Without Jobs‘.  It is a great introduction to the field.

Mariele Pfannebecker and J.A. Smith read The Refusal of Work in conjunction with Srnicek and Williams’ Inventing the Future, for their reflective piece on the ‘post-work utopia’.  They point to some interesting problems with our respective arguments.

I spoke to the Irish Times about problems with the modern work ethic.

The Financial Times reviewed The Refusal of Work.  They called it a ‘well-written romp’

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