David Frayne is a writer and social researcher, investigating the social, ethical and political dimensions of our work-centred societies and beyond.  He is the author of The Refusal of Work (Zed, 2015) and the editor of The Work Cure (PCCS, forthcoming) – two books which question the inevitability of societies structured around the institution of employment, exploring the normative and practical obstacles to an alternative.

David is originally from South Wales, where he has lectured in areas including critical social theory, the sociology of work, and alternative education.  His writing has been translated into several languages, receiving positive reviews from the likes of The Guardian, Le Monde, and The Financial Times.  David also regularly speaks about his research publicly, and is an affiliate of the UK think-tank, Autonomy.

He is currently contributing in his capacity as a sociologist to a project on ‘The Hard Problem’ in the Berggruen Fellows Program at New York University.  The project explores how to think about ethics, politics and social relations in a world where work is in crisis.

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